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Whether you're just starting to consider a refinance, or ready to lock in your rate, we'll walk you through the information you need to know to refinance your home.

Why choose Security Mortgage Lenders, Inc.?

Security Mortgage Lenders, Inc. has been brokering loans since 2000. The company was established to offer the best in customer service.
Security Mortgage Lenders, Inc. has brokered over half a billion in loans. There are new regulations and licensing in every state and by the federal government. Security Mortgage Lenders, Inc. has acquired all state and federal licensing under the S.A.F.E. Act National Mortgage Licensing System. The entire industry is licensed in this data base and every consumer can objectively and in the privacy of their home look up anyone who offers a loan.

Is it hard to get a loan?

The question has to be answered in today’s market with a maybe and a yes. If you cannot demonstrate a history of payments and also verifiable long term payments, then the answer is yes, it should be easier to get a loan. On this aspect, there are less than 20% of the mortgage brokers than there were 5 years ago. This hurts consumers as there are fewer places to obtain a loan. However, there are also fewer places giving bad loans.


The loan officer and loan processor will help the customer in deciding the best loan for them. This will be a process which depends on need, capacity, and the ability to repay. Need is the reason for the borrower to want a loan, usually a purchase or refinance. Capacity is the amount of the loan the borrower has the ability to borrow based on any number of factors not the least of which is income. In deciding the amount of the loan and if borrower can obtain the income, will determine how the borrower will repay the loan.

Company Products?

Security Mortgage Lenders, Inc. has over 30 lenders and investors. The main loan products are FHA, FHA Streamline, VA, Conventional, ARM’s, Purchase, and Refinance.



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