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Curator: Security Mortgage Lenders, Inc.
Last Updated:
November 16, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do not lose your head thinking of your problems! If you have a question please let us know and we will be glad to provide you with honest answers.

How Long Does The Process Take?

There is no exact answer, usually a 4 to 8 weeks. Government loans can take longer to work out.
Fortunately, most lenders will take only a few weeks to approve a loan modification program once they have received a complete package. Many lenders will postpone the sale of your property if they have received a complete package if you are at least two to three weeks before the sale date.

What HomeSavers USA will do for you?

We will evaluate and analyze your case and complete all necessary research. Upon completion of the research and analysis phase, we will offer you our opinion as to what we feel would be an appropriate outcome and / or resolution to your individual case. Although there is no guarantee of results, we are very experienced and will offer you the best chance to resolve your mortgage dilemma.

Could I do this on my own?

Yes, however, if you have no experience in negotiating with lenders, you have a high percentage of failing. Our experienced agents know how to package your file properly, utilizing current industry guidelines, and more importantly know how to negotiate with the lenders to approve you for rate reduction. If your car broke down, could you fix it? Of course you can try to, but would you want to? Probably not because you don’t have the experience, knowledge and time to do so. More importantly you probably would be able to fix it right. Fortunately, with a car, if you failed in fixing it, you still can be able to take it to a mechanic and have it fix. With a rate reduction, you have one opportunity and one opportunity only. Why would you risk that? Leave it to our professional and experienced agents to handle your Mortgage.

Are your services guaranteed?

No, but our pre-qualification process is designed to ensure that every individual has a high success rating. If we feel that you don’t have a high percentage of approval for the Mortgage Modification, we will not allow you to obtain our services and more importantly we would not accept payment from you.



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